Aqeel Fikree

Me: Hey Siri What’s my iPhone charge level

Siri: It’s at 96%. You’re looking mighty green.

Apps for all the things.

If you’ve ever wanted any, some, or all of Omni’s apps, now is a good time before the price increases.

Day One Version 3 for macOS:

Day One Mac has been redesigned to feel more at home on macOS. With a great improvement in performance and long term maintainability.


I tapped a link. 10 seconds later, I get “Error establishing a database connection”.

Static websites FTW.

Why Saying “No” Can Set You Free:

Be firm but not rude and without guilt. Remember that you don’t have to have a reason to say “no”.

If you appreciate watercolor illustrations and Tokyo — not a strange combination at all — you’ll love Tokyo Storefronts and Tokyo at Night by Mateusz Urbanowicz.

Website pop-up: Looks like your ad blocker is on.

Me: Yes it is.

This Pixar short delivers a few messages. Who can relate?

Always Have a Backup Plan

You hear it all the time, yet you don’t do anything about it — well most people don’t. It’s something that rings true for more than just money. Here are just a few situations you don’t want to be in without any kind of backup plan.

  • You were depending on that punctual payment a client was meant to make, to pay the bills, mortgage, etc.
  • You’re so sure that all your photos or digital files really, be it personal or clients’ are on your computer, but somehow got corrupted or lost.
  • As a photographer, you’re on set with just one battery, the one that’s inside your camera.

Coming up with an exhaustive list is not that difficult, but you get the idea. Also there’s a fine line between backup plan and just in case, don’t get confused between the two.